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Marklars are a species of secular, bipedal sapients who are likely highly intelligent (as evidenced by their massive craniums). They are believed to have been one of the species who had members to fall victim to the Galactic Federation's evil dictator Xenu when he issued a genocide to take place on Earth 75 million years ago. Despite this genocide against their people, they are a generally benevolent race, and are notable for allowing Ethiopians from Earth to live on their home planet, Marklar, as it was a prosperous world with an atmosphere which Humans can breathe. However, they hate the unnamed aliens from the Horsehead Nebula, likely due to the fact that they lack a name for their species.

In Marklar culture, the word "marklar" is used to represent any noun, including proper nouns. In this way, every person, place, or thing is referred to as "marklar" or "Marklar". Presumably meaning is supplemented (and confusion is avoided) by use of different intonations and inflections.


  • All Marklars are named Marklar; however, this does not interfere with conversation.
  • They are similiar to the Q in that every individual of their respective species also shares their name with their species.
  • In the Marklar language, "the planet Marklar" is called "the marklar Marklar".
  • The technique of using a word to replace other words has occurred in other fictional species: of these, the most notable are the Smurfs (who use the word "smurf" in place of any verb or adjective), Mr. Saturn (who are - with the exception of one - known as Dr. Saturn), the underground creatures from The Secret World of Og (who used the word "og" for every word, minus mathematical operators).

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