General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Stargate Universe

The Mardan are an alien species that were once a client race of the Tlak'kahn.

Biology Edit

The Mardan are bipedal lizards, that superficially resemble the Tlak'kahn save they are devoid of predatory teeth and ridges. They are more lizard-like with snout rather than faces and four nostrils and frill-like heads.

Background Edit

The Mardan were visited by the Tlak'kahn via the Stargate and became their benefactors. Tlak'kahn gave them technology and civilization to increase more exploitation from the Mardan that were originally primitive tribes.

The Mardan thus allowed the Tlak'kahn to take what they wanted as it was the strong's right. However the Mardan were struck by a plague, afflicting thousands, when the fugitives under Major Gus Bonner found them they managed to cure the Mardan. However the Nax'kan Council chose to deliver them to the Tlak'kahn. Mek'rod, one of the Mardan warriors had reservations against this. His instincts proved to be correct when he overheard that the Tlak'kahn were planning to use the Mardan as cannon fodder and were responsible for the plague. Mek'rod informed his fellows of this and rebelled against the Tlak'kahn off the planet. They later thanked Bonner and his comrades for their kindness and swore to become like them, though Gus convinced them that they should be themselves.

Culture Edit

The Mardan originally worship and emulate the Tlak'kahn. They took many aspects of the latter's culture, copying their Mayan architecture, warrior, and political systems. They held they belied that crushing their enemies are what made a culture strong.

Appearances Edit

  • Stargate Infinity: Episode 22: Feet of Clay (2003)
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