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Marak is one of the 218 prisoners who Zin helped escape from SAR TOP Prison. He is a Vardian and a close friend of Zin.


Marak's reason for his incarceration on SAR TOP is not revealed. In his human form after escaping to Earth, Marak was working with an unnamed Desserian who had taken on the human body of an influential man called Logan Dunn. Both men were working on a real estate scam for Zin - forcing people from their homes so Logan could buy the property. When a man working for them named Joshua Keene threatens their plan by collecting evidence of the scam, both men follow him to his workplace. Joshua - armed with a handgun to protect himself - shoots Marak in the neck, only for Marak's wound to heal quickly and for him to pursue and capture Joshua; dangling him upside down over the side of a building. On Dunn's order, Marak drops Joshua off the top of the building to his death.

When Joshua's grandfather - an Apache/Native American called Wahota - arrives in Chicago and begins to investigate Joshua's murder (meeting Cole/Daggon briefly on the roof where Joshua was thrown off, due to Cole also investigating the murder), he is met constantly with the belief that Joshua committed suicide - despite having an answering machine message from Joshua that he was coming home on the night of his death. After visiting Logan Dunn and finding more of the same belief, Wahota leaves - with Dunn sending Marak to kill him.

Marak 2

Wahota prepares to shoot Marak with his bow and arrow.

Marak tracks down Wahota - who is camping outside in a tent - before stabbing his sleeping bag. However, he is momentarily surprised to find it full of leaves and Wahota behind him with a bow and arrow. Due to his inhuman speed, however, Marak injures Wahota's arm with his custom-made boomerang blades while catching the arrow in mid air. Before he can kill Wahota, Cole arrives and briefly beats him back - with Marak leaving rather then facing off against Cole. For Wahota, it only proves his belief that his grandson Joshua was murdered. Caring for Wahota's safety, Cole brings him back to the Watchfire to keep him safe - learning that Wahota was also a tracker and served in the Tenth Calvary as a scout in 1919, making him almost 100 years old. When Marak later reports his failure to kill Wahota due to Cole's intervention, Dunn orders him to 'clear up their mess'.
Marak 3

Cole takes Marak's life force - which is watched by Wahota.

Cole and Wahota later went to Joshua's office but found it ransacked, before finding Marak moments later as he was shredding documents that would incriminate himself and Dunn. As Wahota saves the documents that Marak was trying to destroy, Cole pursues Marak before catching up to him in a stairwell and fighting him - knocking one of Marak's blades away from him. During the battle, Cole taunts Marak about how he is 'still working' for Zin, adding that on SAR TOP Marak 'couldn't even take a step' without been told to. Marak, however, angrily replies that no-one is telling him to kill Cole but that he's going to anyway. He fails, however, as Cole manages to overcome him before taking Marak's life force - which is watched by Wahota after he catches up to Cole (realizing Cole is an alien). Wahota later recovers one of Marak's blades and uses it during his and Cole's fight with Logan Dunn.


Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 11: Native Son

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