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Mantis Screamer
Universe StarCraft Universe
Homeworld Dinares Sector
Diet Unknown
Sapience Level Unknown
Conservation Status Extinct (Presumed)

Mantis Screamers were giant winged creatures native to the desolate Dinares Sector. Amazingly, they were capable of not only atmospheric flight, but also deep-space flight as well, although the exact method(s) used to accomplish the latter feat is still poorly understood. It is apparent that they could even migrate between stars, presumably while in some kind of larval form, as proof appears as their towering spire aeries are a common sight on a variety of now-lifeless worlds. Apparently they would go through a metamorphosis at some point during their lives, changing entirely into a huge nesting form.

Despite this distinct ability to travel through space, they failed to escape the Zerg Swarm, and were assimilated as a whole into their ranks, changing little from their original forms to become the Mutalisks. Their original spire architecture also formed the basis of their new form's spires.

While their Mutalisk counterparts utilize Glave Wurms as a symbiotic weapon, it is not known whether or not this was formed from some symbiosis the Mantis Screamers themselves once possessed. Their nesting forms would take the form of the original Guardian and its eventual replacement, the Swarm Guardian. It is unknown if Devourers had anything to do with a basis of the Mantis Screamers or not.