General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Height Roughly Human
Diet Carnivores
Sapience level Non-Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Invasion America

The Manglers are a reptilian species of violent creatures from Invasion America.

Biology Edit

Velociraptor-like creatures of high intelligence working together in packs to kill prey. Unlike anything on Earth, they can stand on their massive hind legs and use their front arms to temporarily stand and hold back their prey's defensive mechanisms (i.e., a man's arms). A human scientist determines from the remains of a Mangler that they have a silicon-based endoskeleton and longer tendon attachments for enhanced strength. Manglers come in a variance of colors, have long, narrow eyes, and rows of needle-like teeth.

Background Edit

Manglers were apparently created by the Tyrusians. However after Cale Oosha came into power he banned their creation and had the remaining Manglers shot on sight to the verge of near extinction. That came to an end when his uncle the Dragit began recreating them on Earth in preparation for an invasion of America.

Behavior Edit

Manglers are carnivores, capable of hunting Earth's most dangerous creatures like the alligator into prey. Despite their non-sapience, they are highly intelligent able to understand speech.

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