Alien Species

The Makuta are a species of pure energy called Antidermis encased in armor. They originate from a sentient pool on an island in the Southern Islands. They have a Brotherhood that provides leadership. All but two members of the species have died.


They were techno-organic until they evolved into Antidermis. Now they are Antidermis contained in armor.


Makuta have control over the element of Shadow. They also have access to all 42 Rahkshi and Kraata powers, as well as the ability to make Kraata from their own essence. They also have the ability to absorb other beings and grow stronger. All Makuta also have the ability to shapeshift.

Known members[]

  • Teridax (deceased)
    • Melding Alternate Universe Teridax
  • Miserix
  • Tridax (deceased)
  • Kojol (deceased)
  • Spiriah (deceased)
  • Mutran (deceased)
  • Antroz (deceased)
  • Chirox (deceased)
  • Vamprah (deceased)
  • Icarax (deceased)
  • Krika (deceased)
  • Gorast (deceased)
  • Bitil (deceased)
  • The Makuta of Stelt (deceased)