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Makkinist is the most advanced civilization in the Croatian game Space Force: Rogue Universe. The rest article is taken from swat-portal.

A birth of the Age of machines was an inevitable consequence for the civilization Rophox. Rophoxs were exposed to the tragedy that occurred in system Cross. Without any warning, the planet Lacus exploded and was smashed to pieces. Nobody knew how this accident happened or what the cause of its destruction was. All they knew was the horror they were experiencing. Small pieces started to accumulate and behaved like it was alive. Now, a huge piece was floating through space like a malevolent creature that were growing each second. Therefore the Rophoxs took their battleships and, surrounding the fatal object, discharged all available ammunition into it. That was the beginning of a disastrous cataclysm. The entire system Cross turned into a radio-active area when they destroyed its core. Through this radiation the Rophoxs got an incurable disease named core factor because the cores substance was unknown to them. According to their predictions, they would be extinct during the next 100 years. To prevent this, their primary aim became to focus on a salvation to prevent certain non-existance. At that time the Rophoxs were just a small, closed society that were living and improving the natural environment of the planet Terrib. This planet was the richest on mines and so their mining industry was superior in system Cross. They had been trading their precious minerals to other species. Their whole life was directed towards the achievement of a peaceful and prosperous future. But something else changed their course. From now on they were facing the fact that their lives were hanging by a thread. Unfortunately, this disease was spreading like a plague, penetrating every cell of their bodies and the worst part was that it was genetically transferable so their descendants inherited this deadly curse. This was why the Rophoxs turned their whole interest in the development of a medicine that could stop or at least prevent further spreading. Now the major role in the society had The Alliance of doctors. It was ruled by a Trinity of distinguished figures: Bar Ka, Zanthan Ka and Curox Ka. They knew there was little time to spare on weary and endless experiments. They needed the best and the most efficient solution. As the Rophoxs had religious beliefs about having a dignified burial, many didnt like the desecration of corpses. Zanthan Ka and Curox Ka tried to slow down the spreading of the disease through whole organs and Bar Ka had a more eccentric approach: he wanted to cut off infected parts of bodies and to install functional, mechanical parts that he designed as proper substitutions. As the Rophoxs were weakening, their mining industry was slowing down as well. Bar Ka emphasized not to export their products but to invest all in production of mechanical body parts. His researches brought revolution that was able to save many lives. The majority of the Rophoxs agreed to go through the process, mostly those that were more than 90% infected by the disease and had nothing to loose. When Bar Ka didnt save his own father in time, he became more determined to improve his technology and to enhance the surgical process.

Limb transplantation was not always successful: bodies rejected the first series of artificially built hands, jaws, wrists and particularly ribs. But with time the number of successful transplantations grew bigger and those that had prolonged life established the so called Cult of Machines and honoured Bar Ka as their saviour.

Bar Kas power was increasing and therefore lots of members of other species, infected in the system Cross, were coming to get cured. Of course there were those that didnt accept this drastic process of gaining new life in mechanical form. They believed that this was an unnatural way of prolonging life and that it couldnt replace the values of those that were once living creatures. Zanthan Ka and Curox Ka were especially against it because their work was based on saving lives not parts. On the other side, Bar Kas medical treatment was a quicker and easier way to get rid of the disease and to end their agony. Each day the “Cult of Machines was growing with the arrival of different species who obliged to become members of the cult in order to get help and proper treatment.

Zanthan Ka and Curox Ka saw that their predictions became their reality: their whole civilization was withering away and a new species was rising from its mechanical womb. They wanted to stop the metamorphosis by the elimination of Bar Ka and his cult that were spreading like cancer. They contacted a group of mercenaries to execute their dirty job. One of the spies found out about this plan and warned Bar Ka. Before his journey, Bar Ka prepared his nephew Zilliax Ka to take over in his place and to destroy the authority of both Zanthan Ka and Curox Ka. Bar Ka made sure nothing would interrupt his work.

As Bar Ka and his assistants went out to search for new mines they were prepared and armed from head to feet. A whole fleet of mercenary battleships followed them from Terrib. Bar Ka managed to escape them but soon after he fell into a trap. Mercenaries disabled the control panel of Bar Kas cargo ship and programmed it to crash on planet Maddog. They tried to fix it but it was too late.

When Zilliax Ka heard what happened, he immediately ordered his troops to capture the offenders. They were caught and decapitated. In memory of his uncle, Zilliax Ka raised a monument and wrote the code called The immortal art in year B.K.01. This code contained several important proclaims:

to honour Bar Ka as their father and saviour to direct themselves towards immortality by rejecting body parts and accepting a divine, mechanical form to contribute to the cult by working as a group on designing new more powerful models to help strangers (other species) only if they join their cult He and the other oldest members of the cult kept their names but all others were called Xrons and got their serial numbers by which the constructors knew when they were born. Patterns for mechanical parts were taken from the original Bar Ka body parts so they all looked very similar. Main constructors, Zilliax Ka and few of his assistants finished their own complete successful replacement of all parts in B.K.05. They had designed a completely functional neurocore and, replacing the brain as the most complex organ, finally completed Bar Kas vision of the prefect robot.

They inserted all the memories that they had as Rophoxs into that neurocore. As they were a new-born society, Zilliax Ka renamed them into Makkinists for that was their reality now. By time, the entire system Cross became a centre for all machines and, because there were legions of them, they constantly needed more mines than they had. So to have enough materials, they were forced to go into new systems and to find new supplies. In B.K.1255., they were attacked by Ords. Those youngest, who were just mere cyborgs, died in the first encounter. Ords were determined to destroy them because it was a great challenge for them to defeat powerful robots. The Makkinists named that tragic incident as the slaughter of mortals� and, in order to revenge them, attacked and massacred several divisions of Ords at system Green Point. But Ords were fearless, bloodthirsty soldiers who were very persistent and so from time to time they felt victories and defeats. the Makkinists were hiring mercenaries every now and then to kill the Ords leader and it would stop their attacks for a while.

In B.K.1505., the Makkinists burst into the system Goe where they met the humans. Those humans were members of United Union Force whose orientation was primarily to return to their home planet Earth and wanted to bring peace by diplomatic communications, not by wars. At first they were in peace terms with the Makkinists but in time they started to disapprove their philosophy. UFs members were pointing out the general “freedom of life and just couldnt accept the fact that the Makkinists were more honouring mechanical replication than their life when they existed as individual beings. As UFs members started to interfere into laws of the Makkinists, their peaceful alliance ended and the Makkinists made a new agreement with the enemy of UF, with the Earth Military Directorate (EMD). EMD was another human organization from the Solar system and they supplied the Makkinists with medical knowledge, materials and other equipment. In return Makkinists fought against UF. Now the Makkinists continued improving technological construction for their mechanical descendants and also they invented new ways for recycling old wrecks.

At the year B.K.22025., Zilliax Ka and other of the oldest members of the cult were over 2000 years old. Their system Cross became an exploited area where all planets now looked deserted. That was the reason they were constantly searching for new mines as a solution to their vital problem. Exploring new areas, they continued to fight against the Ords and to participate in the alliance with EMD against UF.

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