"By Grabthar’s hammer, by the sons of Warvan, you shall be avenged."
―Dr. Lazarus

The Mak'Tar are a humanoid species from the planet Tev'Meck. The Mak'Tar are a very peace loving species, despite this they were invaded and destroyed by the hostile Meechans, the only known survivor of the species was Dr. Lazarus.


The practices and beliefs of the species seem to be referred to as The Code of Mak'Tar. Religiously they are polytheistic believing in many gods (one of them possibly being Ipthar). They seem to prefer their living quarters free of all distractions, and their beds are nothing more than a series of spikes that they sleep upon.

Although as a whole the species is peaceful they do not seem to be devoid of combative arts and understanding. They seem to have a high reverence for a cultural hero known only by the name Grabthar, who apparently wielded a hammer of sorts. And they practice something called a "Stealth Haze", and have a chant to help them gather strength in situations when needed, the repetition of the phrase Larak tarath.



Not much is known about the species biology, but they seem to be reptillian and are at least partially insectivorous, eating creatures called Kep-mok Bloodticks, which are eaten alive. Also curiously they carry a fertilized embryo (from their mother) in a volvac sac until certain hormonal changes brought on by behavioral patterns occur.

Real WorldEdit

In the real world many fans dress as Dr. Lazarus at conventions, Alexander Dane seems highly annoyed by the repetition of his characters catchphrase. The Thermian man Quelleck devoted himself to the code of the Mak'Tar and lived his life by their culture and philosophy.

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