Karolina Dean
General Information
Homeworld Majesdane
Body Type humanoid
Skin Colors bioluminescent, white (when wearing medical alert bracelet)
Locomotion bipedal, flight
Sapience Level sapient
Language English
Racial Abilities flight, bioluminecence, solar energy manipulation, heat manipulation, light energy blasts, generating force fields, enhanced durability and strength
Status endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe Marvel
Created by Brian K Vaughan

The Majesdanians are a race of bioluminescent aliens in Brian K Vaughn's Marvel comic series "The Runaways".

History Edit

While the majority of the Majesdanian race's past is shrouded in mystery, their most recent known activity was when a Majesdanian couple were exiled from Majesdane for acting as arms traders with the enemy race of the Majesdanians known as the Skrulls and hid on Earth disguised as humans using special medical alert bracelets that suppresses their powers and bioluminescent skin and adopted new names to keep their true identities a secret: Frank Dean and Leslie Dean. In 1985, the Deans were later summoned by the Gibborim to be one of six different couples of various backgrounds to be given the chance to be two of the six people the Gibborim will spare when Earth is destroyed, as long as they heed to their demands. Who ever serves the Gibborim the best will be deemed worthy to live in the new world. The six couples formed a cult-like alliance with each other called The Pride and obeyed to the Gibborims wishes and enacting the Rite of Blood. The Deans later became movie stars as a means to stay hidden among humans and stay in contact with The Pride. They later had a daughter named Karolina who the Deans gave an alert bracelet to hid her capabilities and lied to her that it is for an allergy she has with penicillin and told her to never take it off. After Karolina's birth, the Deans and the rest of the Pride would have their children take the six spots to live in the new world the Gibborim promised them. Later, the prince of the Skrulls, De'Zean, attempted to lead an invasion on Earth but were stopped by the Deans by offering the location of Majesdane and arranging a marriage between De'Zean's son, Xavin, and Karolina when she was at a young age. Karolina later grew up as a teenager and became friends with the children of the Pride members and discovered what their parents were doing and later ran from them after they've realized what their children have seen. Karolina and the other children of the Pride became known as the Runaways and decided to try and stop their parents and the Gibborim before more people die. During her time with the Runaways, Karolina later discovered her alien abilities after taking off her bracelet, and like Karolina, the other members began to discover the dark pasts of their parents as well as certain abilities of their own inherited from their parents. Later, Xavin came to Earth to meet his future wife in hopes of stopping  Skrullos-Majesdanians conflict back in space. As he meets Karolina, Xavin explains the story of how her parents arranged the marriage in the first place. Karoline agrees to the marriage to make peace between species, however during the ceremony, a Skrull insults a Majesdanian bridesmaid's dress, inevitably causing more conflict. After the peace talks and wedding failed, the Skrull launch a thermonuetron missile on Majesdane which ultimately destroys the planet. What's left of the Majesdanian elite military force known as the Light Brigade forced Karolina to stand trial for her parent's crimes as a means to avenge Majesdane. To save Karolina and end the conflict between the Skrulls and Majesdanians, Xavin shape-shifted into Karolina to take her place in the trial and be taken by the Light Brigade.

Known Individuals Edit

  • Karolina Dean
  • Leslie Dean
  • Frank Dean
  • deVanti
  • General vaDrann
  • Lieutenant vaRikk
  • Sargent deHalle

Abilities Edit

The majority of the Majesdanians capabilities are energy based with how they absorb solar radiation similar to DC's Kryptonians and use it in energy based attacks. They have the ability to fly and can generate force fields by using the energy they produce when absorbing solar radiation. They can withstand high temperatures and often give off warmth from the bio-luminescence off the solar energy inside their bodies. Like the Kryptonians, Majesdanians are more strong and durable than a normal human.

Weaknesses Edit

A Majesdanian's abilities can become suppressed when in contact with certain alien metals, said metals are what the medical alert bracelets used by the Deans are made out of. While their powers have the ability to physically harm or damage anyone and anything, the energy based attacks from a Majesdanian has no physical effect on another Majesdanian.

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