Alien Species
Universe Metroid
Homeworld Zebes
Average Height Varies
Diet Carnivorous
Intellectual Level Non-Sapient

Magdollites are amorphous beings that appear to be "living" columns of magma. Normally they can be found resting at the bottom of magma pools within both the Norfair and Crateria areas of the planet Zebes, with their face sticking out in almost a bubble shape. However, should a potential threat show itself, the Magdollite will stretch itself into a tall column of magma, equal to the height of its foe, and will then throw a part of itself at the opponent. After this attack, it will sink back into the magma. Interestingly, despite being made of apparent magma, these beings can be both killed and frozen. However, when frozen, as one would expect, it is only temporary; after all, they are made of and infest hot liquid.

They were later found on the Bottle Ship where they now have arms. They attack Samus by swiping at her and spitting fire balls. Their mouths can be frozen, leaving them open to attack.

A similar species found elsewhere are the Magmoors in terms of their combat tactics.