The Mactera are flying, insect-like creatures found within Hoxxes IV. While not seemingly related to them, they're mostly found alongside the Glyphids, and don't seem to attack eachother.



799px-Mactera spawn

Mactera Spawna are highly maneuverable, juvenile Mactera. They are capable of shooting a type of projectile at their enemies with deadly accuracy. Its weakpoint is its stomach, which expands before it fires a projectile.


600px-Mactera grabber

Mactera Grabbers are a type of Mactera. When seeing sufficient prey, it swoops down and attempts to grab it. If it manages, it will fly up high and drop its target from a great height, damaging its prey. It also makes a screeching noise when doing this, and like the Mactera spawn, its weakpoint is also its stomach.


600px-Mactera ice bomber

A Mactera Goo-Bomber

600px-Mactera goo bomber

A Mactera Ice Bomber

Mactera bombers are a unique type of flying Mactera capable of shooting specialized substances at their targets, which they store within pouches on their bodies. They are capable of doing "strafing runs", covering the ground in these same substances:

Goo bombers are capable of using a sticky goo substance at their targets, making them incapacitated.

Ice Bombers are capable of using ice balls at their targets that decrease the target's body temperature, potentially freezing them.

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