Alien Species
Not to be confused with Emily's species.

M'Lee's species is an unnamed race of sapient humanoid calcivores from an unknown planet.


Members of this species are calcivores, and hunt other creatures in order to feed on their bones, as they tend to provide a rich source of calcium. The flesh, meanwhile, is mostly left to rot.

Assuming that M'Lee is a typical member of her race, they appear to be rather petite and pale-skinned humanoids, with armored skin and bioluminescent structures growing on the top and the sides of their heads.

Predatory form[]

When members of this race spend too much time without eating, they undergo an involuntary change in appearance and behavior. They grow spikes all over their bodies, their teeth become sharper, their dorsal sails expand, and the luminous light-blue structures on their heads turn red. In this form, they're almost incapable of controlling their instincts, and will hunt down other creatures to satisfy their hunger for calcium. They can only revert to their passive form after they've fed.


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