The Lyunesi were one of six sentient species which evolved on the planet Ryoone. A fragile species, the Lyunesi would have been wiped out by their more adaptable competitors if not for their innate ability to translate languages. In the skirmishes and eventual peace negotiations that followed, the rival species employed Lyunesi translators to hammer out the details in an unbiased manner. Those Lyunesi who traveled away from Ryoone were often employed as translators and negotiators, acting as go-betweens for the galaxy's many unusual races. From time to time, Lyunesi fall victim to their own fragility and sensitivity, plunging to hypererotic relationships with other beings. More often than not, the object of the Lyunesi's desire was killed by the intense passion developed in the relationship. This often caused problems for those Lyunesi acting as interpretors for high-ranking officials, whose wives or daughters were sometimes the object of the Lyunesi's passion.

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