A male Lycanthrope

Lycanthropes are bipedal canine species with the capability of mimicking physical forms of the first individual they see. Many can be found secretly living on Earth when the former Yeti and Sasquatch slaves rebelled and escaped to the planet. The Lycanthropes have been in major conflicts with the Alliance for years.

Biology Edit

The Lycanthropes were a savage race of warriors that appeared as bipedal wolves and spawned the story of werewolves on the planet Earth. They were larger than humans and possesses reverse jointed hind legs. These sentient humanoid wolves possess a natural ability of altering their shape and appear as Humans which allowed them to naturally blend among mankind. They had a keen sense of smell and were capable of discovering infiltrators though masked as friends though scent alone. Their hearing was also quite sensitive which meant that loud high frequency noises were somewhat painful for the race.

The race possessed a short lifespan of ten years but matured very quickly at accelerated levels when compared to humans. By the age of 1, they resembled adults humans. Though a brutal race, they believed in a sense of honour and wanted to die in a fight for something noble. The young Lycanthropes become very close to their father or paternal figures. When born, these newborn Lycanthropes imprint themselves on the figure and grow up looking like them. Even their voice patterns were adopted and the person, if not the true parent, was considered a step father. Their human disguise would reflect this as was the case with Athos who imprinted Nick Logan's face as his human form.

History Edit

The Lycanthropes were an interstellar civilization that approached the Sasquatch and Yeti homeworlds after which they enslaved both species. They made use of an EMP charge weapon that reversed the magnetic polarity of the Yeti homeworld. On Earth, the race engaged in terrorist operations against the Global Alliance and served as mercenaries for other races while other members of their kind yearned for peace. They typically referred to humans as 'Meat'.

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