Being biological organisms by themselves, the Prawns were the method of hiding for the Lurg from their pursuers. Back then when they encountered their enemies, the Lurg used their hosts to pretend as harmless sub-sentient space creatures, therefore avoiding conflict and detection. on the mater of the Ur-Quan Kzer-za the Lurg put it The Ur-Quan knew it would be a fatal mistake to fight against us"
Ecounter with the Lurg

In this picture 3 Lurg Prawns can be seen gaurding a planet in the Beta Naos system.


In a course of thousands of years, the Lurg have seen no need to leave their unhappy lobster hosts. In fact, they only have refined their semi-biological technology to allow them take their prawns out of their natural habitat, forcing them to live as long as possible to provide the most benefit. As the Lurg put it "The Prawn is a lower lifeform, genetically altered... designed by us to survive in the void of space."


The Lurg Prawn is Moderately quick, has a fair turn-rate and good acceleration. Its relatively medium sized footprint makes dodging incoming fire difficult, although not impossible due to the speed and manuverability of the Lurg Prawn. Also dodging incoming fire is limited to several kinds of attacks that it will usally have to avoid which is the Chmmr laser blast attack. The Lurg Prawn can easily defeat a Shofixti Scout, but a battle with a Syreen Penetrator can be really interesting because the Lurg Prawn has a crew regeneration ability and the Syreen will use its stealing crew ability if it gets too close so a Ace Penetrator pilot could steal all of its crew away and then use its warp out ability and then leave to aloue for a Chmmr Avatar to come in to kill it quickly.

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