The Lurg are a hostile race that the New Alliance of Free Stars encountered in the second half of the 2160s decade.  Very little is known about them except for the fact that they are guarding an artifact or relic of some kind that was made by the Precursors in the Beta Naos system. Due to the shape and size of the artifact its thought to be a Precursor ship.


Their history is mostly a mystery, but it is known that they have known about the Mycon for about 1000 years. At some point about a 1000 years ago (c. 1160s CE) they apparently convinced the Mycon not to attack and destroy the Earthlings when the Earthlings were less technologically advanced and had not yet begun exploring space. Had the Lurg let the Mycon destroy the Earth surely the Earthlings would have been destroyed in much the same way that the Syreen home-world of Syra had been destroyed by the Mycon in the 21st Century.

The Lurg also did not get slave shielded by the Ur-Quan during the Ur-Quan Slave War (2098-2134). They were apparently ignored by them for some as yet unknown reason, although the Lurg insist that the Ur-Quan knew it would be foolish to attack them; whether this holds true is up for debate. When the New Alliance of Free stars encounters this alien they are also continuing to fight the Kohr-Ah as well in the mid-2160s.

It remains unclear if the Kohr-Ah are allied to the Lurg or if the two races are at war with each other. As its widely known that the Kohr-Ah have always been solitary hunters like their ancestors in what would be Earth's pre-historic times, it would be very significant if it turns out that for the first time in the Kohr-Ah's history they actually have made an alliance of some kind, though this seems unlikely. Regardless, the Lurg and the Kohr-Ah as well as the species that are part of the Hegemonic Crux both of these two groups remain as potential threats to the Earthlings and their Alliance.



StarControl2 CoverArt

Lurg before it was Lurg.

  • While the Lurg were completely absent from the original Star Control games and there is no mention of them in any of the extended lore, one does appear on the MS-DOS box cover for unknown reasons. This could, however, just be an artist's rendition of an Ur-Quan Kzer-Za or its ancestor.
  • The name Lurg is also a name that some people of the Utwig species can have.
  • Acording to the game creator of Project 6014 the Lurg are lying about being ignored by the Ur-Quan Kzer-za, Instead he claims that in adition to using there parasite ability to be ignored they also might have got into one of the minds of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za in much the same way they got into the mind of Rath which was one the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah species.
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