The Lunarians are a race of humanoids living in one of the "Blue Planet"'s (i.e. Earth's) moons. Many years prior to this, they lived on a planet between the "Red Planet" (i.e. Mars) and the "Great Behemoth" (i.e. Jupiter).

Biology Edit

TAY PSP Male Lunarian
TAY PSP Female Lunarian

Physically, lunarians appear nearly identical to humans (although early concepts show them to have purple skin, a trace later seen only in Zemus). People of lunarian heritage seen in Final Fantasy IV possess no distinctive physical traits that would identify them, other than perhaps their light-colored hair, which most seem to possess. Lunarians have the ability of sleeping during long periods of time and are incredibly long living.

Technology Edit

Giant of Babil DS

The Giant of Babil.

They seem to posses the technology for interplanetary travel, although having come from a relatively close planet in the system. Lunarians are natural mages, and most of them seen in the games know the ultimate magic, Meteor, along with a variety of other high-level spells. The Giant of Babil is the most destructive weapon ever known to be invented by the lunarians, said to be capable of destroying the entire humanity if used.

Story Edit

Final Fantasy IV Edit

FFIV Novel Color Art 8 - The Lunarian

Fusoya guarding the Chamber of Sleep.

The lunarians' planet was about to be destroyed, so they fled to the relatively close "Blue Planet" (Earth). There, they discovered that the humans were still in the process of evolution, and at that moment they could not co-exist. The lunarians decided to wait for the day the two races could understand each other and live peacefully with them, so a second moon was created in orbit over the planet to serve as temporary residence.

Eight of the sixteen Crystals the lunarians possessed were taken to Earth, presumably to either speed up the evolution of the humans, or to harmonize the Red Moon with the planet to stabilize its orbit. The lunarians went to sleep near the moon's core, while one of them, Fusoya, stood guard over them. The only entrance to the path to the core was concealed underneath the Crystal Palace.

Although the majority of lunarians were content to sleep and co-exist with humans, Zemus believed they should use the Giant of Babil to destroy humanity and leave Earth to the lunarians. It is for this reason, as well as the protection of the Lunarians as a whole, that Fusoya sealed Zemus and forced him to sleep.


Zemus, a lunarian.

Fusoya's brother, Kluya, eventually built an airship known as the Lunar Whale to travel to Earth where he taught advanced technology such as airship building and the Devil's Road, and the secret of magic. Kluya also fathered two sons with a woman named Cecilia. Kluya was eventually killed by a group of "angry humans" and his spirit came to rest atop Mount Ordeals. The orphaned Theodor abandoned his baby brother Cecil at Baron, where he would be taken in by the King of Baron. Theodor was contacted telepathically be Zemus, who still possessed psychic powers in his sleep, and eventually Zemus took control of Theodor's mind, christening him Golbez, "an insect birthed from womb of dragon's corpse".

Under Zemus's control, Golbez gathers the eight Crystals of Earth and activates the planetary elevator within the Tower of Babil, transporting the Giant of Babil to Earth. Through the combined efforts of Cecil Harvey and his allies, the Giant is destroyed and Golbez is freed from Zemus's control. Golbez returns to the moon with Fusoya, intent on killing Zemus.

Confronting him in the moon's core, the two are able to kill Zemus, but his hatred survives and develops a consciousness of its own, becoming the beast Zeromus. After Zeromus is defeated, the lunarians decide the Earth would be better off without their presence, and make their moon move out of Earth's orbit, heading for parts unknown.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Edit

Ffivta lunarian

The lunarians in the Chamber of Sleep.

In FFIV: The After Years, the moon is targeted by the Creator for their Crystals. Fusoya and Golbez must fight Maenad, who revives Zemus (as Zeromus) to attack them. Golbez manages to escape to earth, but Fusoya remains behind as Zeromus uses his Big Bang attack. Golbez is teleported aboard the Lunar Whale and sent to Earth. The fate of Fusoya and the Lunarians after this is unknown, though Golbez mentions in the ending he plans to return to the moon and find out.

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