General Information
Homeworld Jenes
Habitat Ocean
Height Roughly Human
Diet Omnivores
Sapience level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Endless Universe

The Lumeris are a mercantile race of amphibians from Endless Space 2.


The Lumeris are a society that revolves around trade, economic deals, economic growth, and doing business. Expansion and acquisition are the bywords of their culture, and as an amphibious people they are prepared to make money in any environment. Their society is organized around a series of families that have traditionally run different parts of their economy, and the balance of power and negotiations between the families is what drives progress - or blocks it.



The Lumeris faction is also known as the Four Families as these four power blocs have been running the society from the shadows for many years. Traditional alignments are the Meos family running farms and agricultural products, the Omokar handling construction and union issues, the Lancellum building ships and ports, and the Arrakyo dealing in politics and legislation.

The current leader is Jenestra Omalfi'Meos, voted by the Four Families.

While infighting and backstabbing occur on a regular base in the interest of vengeance or profits, there is a consensus that the families must coordinate to take on the really big opportunity that is the galaxy.



Lumeris society has long been organized around families, clans, and dynasties - a natural outgrowth of the multinational, island-based history of their society. In the modern world this means that governments cannot stay in power without the support of the various families who have traditionally controlled different sectors of the economy and the lesser families that are part of their power structure. As a result, despite the growth and evolution of their civilization, family and lineage remains a strong pillar of their culture.

With the aristocracy a distant memory and no dramatic religious fervor driving its populace, economic status is the only major legacy to be left for one's descendants. As a result Lumeris society revolves around trade; one seeks their career and passion in life in the interest of securing wealth for the future of their family and to improve one's standing within it.

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