The Lostie are sapient organisms which came from the "Creature Soup" of hybrids created when bioweapons used on the cryspo were equally effective against their human users. The lostie are divided into bios, of which only three remain but at least one other had developed a functional and advanced society. This page represents the traits that are universal among all bios, while unique traits of Eleepods, Beeboorats and Zeexen belong in their own pages.


"The Cryspo anatomy proved to be more advanced and better suited for the local habitat; the Softie's complex nervous system proved to have superior versatility. The Lostie inherited these characteristics from their ancestors. The four basic worlds of the Chain are now inhabited by the three bios, whose diversity traces back to the functional divisions of a Cryspo colony."
―Vangers Intro [[src]]

Ecology Edit

The main worlds of UniVang are completely dependent on the involvement of the lostie in processes that baffled even the Spectator Parapheen. The seasons of these worlds rapidly change in direct response to the actions of their inhabitants and derive their coloration from their actions.


While all bios possess a roughly humanoid facial structure and set of manipulators, the rest of their body is almost totally inhuman. The cryspo qualities have given them a greater capacity to survive inside UniVang than humans, which are known as "softies". Most losties still have no desire to linger outside and will readily burrow should they find themselves outside of an escave or mechos. There remains significant room for variation inside a bios.


The sapience of a lostie is of human origin, but their free will is warped by the cryspo instincts to carry out the instructions of a larva. The consequences of this is that all bios are compelled by the larvae's cirt into ritualistic cycles, and have designed their societies to rationalize these behaviors. Each ritual occupies a season of the world which a particular bios controls and will continue forever without the instructions carried by cirt.


Lostie society is organized into "bunches" that control an individual escave. One councilor represents a bunch to the outside affairs, and sets prices for the mostly autonomous shops. They also instruct vangers for their participation in rituals and tabutasks. All bios have xenophobic perceptions of the others, but mostly use vangers as proxies in place of proper warfare.


The losties use a mix of human and cryspoid technology, which has collectively regressed at least on the human end. Most advancement in the field of hardware came from the Transmundane Bios which were adopted for use by the the rest of UniVang, what else was uniquely created is either a mixture of pre-existent technology to fit the new situation, or refinement of biological material.


An escave is an underground "enclave city" with entrances that reach out into the surface. These escaves are self sufficient for all basic needs except for cirt, the importation of which is the main source of money for wealthy vangers. The exact quality of an escave's indoors is variable. Most of their walls are made out of dirt or extremely biodegradable materials, and are often breached by pests. A councilor's post is particularly vulnerable to vandalism from a vanger, which can range from paint to corrosive material depending on the season.

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