New classic doom enem losts

"Dumb. Tough. Flies. On fire. 'Nuff said."

-Doom instruction manual

The Lost Soul is a species. The appearance of this beast consists of a body-less flaming skull with horns, burning eyes, and broken teeth.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

276px-Map09 oh noes two elementals

Two Pain Elementals during combat (One on the left is about to spawn a Lost Soul.)

A very frustrating enemy, the Lost Souls float around until spotting an enemy. They then quickly fly up close to attack, if they miss they will continue flying until striking an object. Lost Souls are mostly found in groups, it is uncommon to see one alone. When defeated, the Lost Souls explode, leaving no corpse behind. The Pain Elemental is the only other DOOM demon that emulates a similar death. Pain Elementals will release Lost Souls from their mouth when in combat with an enemy.

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