The Lost were an ancient race that existed in the Endless Galaxy.

Background Edit

According to Isyander Shumèd, the Lost were entities that existed before the Endless came into power. They were beings of enormous power and were worshiped by the Endless. During the Dust Wars both the Concretes and Virtuals eventually discovered a way to harness the powers of the Lost, harvesting a substance from them. In doing so they caused the extinction of the old gods. However they reaped the benefits creating a substance that would make their species and change the galaxy: Dust.

Known Lost Edit

Given from the lore, the Lost were being of great power, several of them still exist in a fashion. Some survived existing in various forms from enormous trees to planetary bodies

  • Auriga: A planet where Dust was first created and a research world of the Endless.
  • Koyasil: A planetary tree and home to the Unfallen.
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