The Lorrdians were a race of near-humans native to the planet Lorrd. The Lorrdians traced their origins back to human settlers who established a small civilization on Lorrd.

Like many other races in the Kanz Sector, the Lorrdians were subjugated and enslaved by the Argazdans during the Kanz Disorders. The Lorrdians attempted to forge an alliance with the Amaltannan resistance, which incurred a greater wrath from the Argazdans. The Lorrdians were forbidden to speak, sing, or use other vocal communication while enslaved, and so they developed a complex form of sign language known as "kinesic communication." Rather than speaking out loud, Lorrdians learned to use subtle movements of the body, hands and face to communicate. They became adept mimics, and even after being liberated by the Jedi Knights and an Old Republic task force, they continued to use the non-verbal communication. Their mimicry earned them positions in a number of entertainment industries.

As a human people, Lorrdians were known for the fact that they did not use surnames when describing themselves. Instead, each Lorrdians used a combination of the names of their relatives to define themselves, sometimes taking on as many as twenty individual parts to their names. The order of these various names defined each Lorrdian, although they could be called by any one of the names they took on.

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