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The Lorr are an endangered race of shapeshifting aliens whose home planet has been destroyed and have become intergalactic refugees.

General Information
Homeworld Lorr Homeworld
Body Type various
Height various
Length various
Weight various
Wingspan various
Skin Colors various
Locomotion various (mostly bipedal)
Sapience Level sapient
Behavior normal to that of a human
Language english
Reproduction sexual (normal impregnation), compatible with other species
Racial Abilities shapeshifting, contorting body, healing
Status endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who


Abilities Edit

As mentioned, the Lorr have the ability to shapeshift into any alien race and can contort their bodies if necessary (their true form is unknown). They also have regenerative properties and some Lorr have extensive knowledge on surgery.

Metaphysical Beliefs Edit

The Lorr have a very unique form of religious beliefs. For instance, they saw those unable to shapeshift as already dead. They believe in a particular sort of hell for their species called Lorr ap Thriss where dead Lorr become statues, unable to move or shapeshift into anything else except the form they died in (henceforth, being dead). This place was also inhabited by the God of the Lorr.

Appearences Edit

  • Class Season 1 Episode 7 "The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did" (2016)
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