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Lord Vortech
Lord Vortech
Biography Information
Homeworld Vorton
Gender Male
Height Gargantuan (natural?)
Condenses down to human-height
Diet Omnivore
Family X-PO (former minion)
Language Common
Occupation Overlord
Interests Seeks to control the Multiverse
Affiliation Independent
Behind the Scenes
Universe LEGO Universe
Performed by Gary Oldman
Appearances LEGO Dimensions

Lord Vortech is a being capable of accessing the Foundation Prime, a world at the middle of the LEGO Multiverse through the utilization of his large dimensional portal on Vortron. He seeks to take over the 14 LEGO Dimensions, with the help of these dimension's most insidious villains by where the Foundational Elements had presumably originated from, and should they all be returned they can be used to control the multiverse. These 14 universes are the Back to the Future, DC, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Half-Life (specifically Portal), Jurassic Park, Legends of Chima, LEGO Movie, Lord of the Rings, Midway Arcade, Ninjago, Scooby-Doo, Simpsons, and Wizard of Oz universes.


  • LEGO Dimensions (2015) - main antagonist (First appearance)
LEGO Dimensions intro

LEGO Dimensions intro

Lord Vortech begins his conquest of the multiverse

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