The Lord Vine-Class Assassin Clone Sprouts are sentient bio-weapons of Vine design.


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The Lord Vine are a pure Vine crisis management system used only as a last resort. It has both plant and insect DNA and is grow as a plant. They are a series of genetically engineered Vine that are designed to be more physically stronger and aggressive that their parent species. They are programmed to connect with the Vine Collective and receive their intended target.


In 1968 in Saigon, Toyo Harda had recently begun to harness his psiot abilities. He came across the Vine seedlings stationed there and grew intrigued of them as he was unable to breach the Vine Collective. Harda a immoral, self deluded monster continued to target the Vine to understand their abilities so he could unlock the potential of psiots in humans for his gain. A secret war with Harda and the Earth Vine began, with the Vine using their Earth connections to attempt to assassinate the mad psiot to no avail. Things became dire when the seedlings contacted the Vine homeworld for assistance but were unwilling to commit large retaliation for a frontier world. The beleaguered Earth Vine begged for assistance until the homeworld relent, informing of the Lord Vine egg hidden on Earth that would be immune to Harda's abilities and kill him.

Unfortunately Harda had learned of the Seedlings activities and sought to destroy each of their sites.The Lord Vine or LV-99 was safely acquired not before several seedlings and their human allies were killed.

The Lord Vine was sent after Harda, wounded him but lapsing him in a fifty year coma. The Lord Vine was eventually repurposed by the Harda Foundation and became another victim of the human's manipulation and was repeatedly clone for his psiot army.


  • Imperium 003: Sunlight On Snow (2015)
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