Lontoria is a prisoner who escaped to Earth from SAR TOP Prison through the wormhole that Zin created. She is notable for being one of only two Cirronian prisoners who escaped - the other been Reta.


Lontoria was a well-known scientist and one of few Cirronians who were imprisoned for crimes, although hers was because of a political and not a violent reason. She researched about reconfiguring particles of energy (known to humans as 'The String Theory'), but her work was snubbed by the Cirronian government due to her fellow scientists thinking it was ludicrous. Angry and not wanting her research to be wasted, she illegally sold it to the Vardians - with the hope they would use it to create new methods of space travel or energy sources. However, the Vardians instead used it to make military weaponry. Following this, Lontoria was arrested and sentenced to a lifetime sentence on SAR TOP for treason.

Upon her escape to Earth after thinking Zin would give her a second chance, she took on the human body of a 17 year old girl called Jamie Swenson - who was dying from a terminal cancer tumor. Although Jamie died as soon as Lontoria took over her body, Lontoria sought to make a new life on Earth and atone for her past mistakes by helping humanity. This was shown when she used her Cirronian abilities to first recover from her host's terminal illness and then restore the life force of Kevin Forester, who had been killed just minutes earlier
Jamie Swinson - News Report

The news report of Jamie's "recovery".

after been electrocuted. Not realizing that an alien now inherited her daughter's body, Jamie's mother Abbey quickly believed that her daughter's 'miracles' were an act of God. Soon enough, the media began to broadcast the story - catching the attention of fellow Cirronian Cole/Daggon, who had been sent to Earth to capture the escaped prisoners - as Jamie was pronounced in 'Full Remission' by doctors on the same day that Zin and the rest of the alien criminals came to Earth.

At the Swenson home, local priest Father Nicholas Francis Creighton -
Jamie playing the piano

Jamie's mother and Father Creighton talk about Jamie's miracles.

who had come to investigate - was unsure about calling the events miracles, despite her mother's claims that they are as well as that the reporters are offering thousands of dollars for an exclusive interview. It was Abbey's hope that the money could be used to give Jamie a better education and life then she herself had. Furthermore, she shows him Jamie playing the piano perfectly despite never having had a lesson. While leaving the house amid a swarm of news reporters, a man on top of one of the news vans begins to lose his balance and falls off - causing Lontoria to enter hyper-time to save him. However, Cole is there watching and, upon seeing the man falling,
Cole and Lontoria meet in hypertime

Cole and Lontoria meet in hypertime.

also entered hyper-time - with the two meeting each other as they helped the man down safely to the ground. Leaving the incident as Jamie's mother pulled her away from the press, Cole revealed to Mel that the girl is a Cirronian and was likely imprisoned for political reasons. Briefly stopped by the Sheriff, Mel and Cole are told to stay away from the Swenson family - although Cole recognizes him as another fugitive.  

Abbey, Jamie and Father Creighton soon arrive at the office of Mr Raven (who is really Zin using an alias, while the Sheriff who Jamie's mother told to check out Mr. Raven is the same one who Cole recognized as a fugitive), who claims to be a
Zin threatens Lontoria

Zin threatens Lontoria.

respected New York movie producer. Mr. Raven asks that - for a fee of $25,000 dollars - he will be allowed to include Jamie in a documentary about 'extraordinary people'. Talking to Lontoria alone after Father Creighton and Abby go to talk outside (due to Father Creighton's distrust of Mr Raven), Zin reminds her that she owes him - threatening the life of Jamie's mother and Father Creighton when Lontoria refuses to play a part in Zin's plan.

Investigating the Swenson's house to try and find out the identity of the Cirronian fugitive, Cole finds out that she
Cole confronts Zin over Lontoria

Cole confronts Zin over Lontoria.

is Lontoria - but has to escape when the Swensons return, with Zin close behind them. Zin meets her outside when she tries to run, only for Cole to also intervene. After a brief discussion, Father Creighton appears. Releasing Lontoria, Zin telekinetically attacks Cole before fleeing, while Father Creighton takes Jamie to the old St. Clements church for safety. Talking to Mel later, Cole reveals more about Lontoria - stating she was a famous scientist but who was imprisoned for treason after selling her research to the Vardians, who used it to make weapons. He also admitted he and Lontoria were close friends when Mel asked if they were 'involved' - but states he must do his job when she asks about taking Lontoria's life force.

Lontoira and Cole talk about her actions

Lontoria and Cole talk about her actions.

Tracking Father Creighton, Cole manages to find them (with Father Creighton believing God has sent Jamie to remind him of his faith, due to him loosing it some time back - even after going on a hermitage). Convincing him that Cole is a friend, Lontoria goes outside to talk to him. The two discuss her actions (with Lontoria admitting she was angry before she sold her research) as well as accepting what Cole has been ordered to do. Unfortunately, Father Creighton has called the Sheriff - not realizing he is a fugitive - and revealed their location, who in turn has contacted Zin. Turning up at the location together, the Sheriff (called Dawson) and Zin arm themselves - with Zin's weapon based on the research that Lontoria illegally sold to the Vardians. Cole takes Lontoria inside, but when Father Creighton goes to talk to the sheriff he is shot in the leg and hastily rushed back inside by Cole, who narrowly escapes a direct hit from Zin's energy weapon.
Lontoria threatens Zin

Lontoria threatens to kill Zin.

As Jamie takes Father Creighton to safety, Cole takes on the Sheriff, managing to use him as a shield when Zin tries to kill him - the sheriff dying in the process while Zin is hit with a bullet to the shoulder. However, Zin then shoots Cole with a direct hit from his weapon - fatally wounding him.

Due to his weapon jamming up, Zin tries to stab Cole with a Christian cross in a 'mercy killing', only to stop as he finds Lontoria threatening him with the Sheriff's gun. Faced with no option, Zin angrily leaves - admitting that it was foolish of him to think he and Lontoria could work together. Rushing to Cole's side, Lontoria uses the powers she has to
Lontoria heals Cole

Lontoria restores Cole's life force.

restore Cole's life force - which is watched by Father Creighton, although the effort causes Lontoria to lose her powers as a result. When he asks 'what' Jamie is, Cole simply replies, "What does it matter what she is? She helps people...isn't that what your religion is all about?"

Returning to Jamie's house, Lontoria tells Jamie's mother that Father Creighton saved her life. Talking to Cole one more time, Cole tells her he will round up the remaining prisoners first before coming for her - to which Lontoria admits she will come willingly. Furthermore, with her having used up almost all her life force to save him and with it taking several Earth years for it to rejuvenate, she will be of no value to Zin until then.
Cole and Lontoria bid farewell

Cole and Lontoria bid farewell.

Questioning Cole about who will look out for him since he is on his own, Cole tells Lontoria about Mel - saying she is the only one who knows who he is and is someone he trusts. Bidding their farewells, Cole heads off but tells Lontoria he will be around.

It's assumed Lontoria's life force was taken when Cole found a way to capture the remaining prisoner's life forces at once, although it's not known if she returned when the life forces were shown re-appearing across the USA.


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