The Lombax are a bipedal, humanoid species that originated in the Polaris Galaxy from the planet Fastoon. Known throughout the galaxy for their mechanical and technological ingenuity, Lombaxes are cat-like and completely covered in either yellow or white velvety fur, with orange or maroon coloured stripes running down parts of their body. They had large ears and triangular feet with three claws on each foot, as well as large hands with five fingers. All known Lombaxes wore gloves, so it was possible that generally most Lombaxes wore gloves. According to a news broadcast in A Crack in Time, female Lombaxes did not have tails, as evident with Angela Cross.

Ratchet, Angela Cross and Alister Azimuth were the last known surviving Lombaxes in the dimension after the existing Lombaxes fled to another dimension in order to avoid being destroyed by Percival Tachyon. Many others were killed in the conflict trying to escape as well. Lombaxes had an innate affinity towards gadgetry and machinery. The Wrench appears to be a traditional Lombax melee weapon.

Origins and the Great WarEdit

The Lombaxes originated from the Polaris Galaxy where, years ago, they fought a Great War against the Cragmite empire.[4] The Lombaxes were hailed as the saviors of Polaris after defeating the Cragmites once the War had reached a stalemate. However one Cragmite, Tachyon, survived. The Lombaxes discovered him as an egg in Lombax Trillium mines and raised him as one of their own on Fastoon. However, once he found out that he was a Cragmite, Tachyon raised an army against the Lombaxes in the rage that his true origins were hidden from him.[4] Taken by surprise, many Lombaxes fled to another dimension, with only four known Lombaxes staying behind. Kaden, who stayed to protect the Dimensionator with his son, sent Ratchet to the Solana Galaxy to keep him safe from Tachyon.[4] Tachyon then killed Kaden after tracking him down an unspecified time later.[5] Ratchet later defeated Tachyon, whilst preventing the Cragmites from returning to his dimension, he also got a glimpse of the Lombax's Dimension through the powers of the Dimensionator.

Lombax WarfareEdit

Lombaxes were very capable fighters. In addition to natural skill,.Lombaxes were known throughout the Polaris galaxy for their advanced technological knowledge, and rarely used unmodified equipment. The Lombaxes created various hi-tech gadgets, weapons and armor through the use of advanced centers of research, where extremely intelligent Lombaxes worked in groups to finish large projects such as the Dimensionator. Lombaxes couldn't leave anything unmodified according to the Smuggler.

There were several Lombax groups devoted to developing such technology; one group was the Center for Advanced Lombax Research. Examples of Lombax inventions are Trillium Armor, double-ended wrenches, the Praetorian Guard's hoverboots, and the Alpha Disruptor.

Lombax Praetorian Guard[1]Edit

The Lombax Praetorian Guard are the elite warriors of the Lombax people. General Alister Azimuth is the only member who has been featured in the canon, with the rank of 4-Bolt Magistrate (the "Bolt" is apparently used the same way as the "Star" in the United States). Kaden, Ratchet's father, may have also been in the Guard due to his staying behind, but this is never confirmed nor denied. The weapons they use are unknown, but it can be inferred that wrenches are used for close-quarters combat. The Guard can presumably be recognized by their Trillium Armor.

Lombax InventionsEdit




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