Alien Species

The Lollilanders are a species of semi-humanoids from planet Lolliland. The terrain of which is pink and candy-like.


Many of them are humanoid yet candy-shaped in appearance.

Culture and society[]

It would appear that they use lollipops as a form of currency, as shown by the most known member, Pops, with butterscotch ripple being the highest unit. In fact their entire civilization is centered around candy.

National Anthem[]

Lolliland has a national anthem titled "Oh Lolliland" sung before every battle between Mega Kranus and Malum Kranus.


"Oh, Lolliland, Oh Lolliland, our ball of beautiful dust.

With people strong through nine miles long with hearts that you can trust.

Despite the Titans battles, she stands through thick and thin.

Oh, Lolliland, Oh, Lolliland, may good or evil win."

Notable members[]

  • Mega Kranus/Pops Maellard
  • Mr. Maellard
  • Mrs. Maellard
  • Malum Kranus/Anti-Pops
  • Weird Mushroom Guy
  • Frivola Kranus
  • Quadravi Kranus
  • Dr. Henry (possibly)