General Information
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Delgo Universe

The Lokni are a humanoid race from an unnamed world in the 2008 film Delgo.

Biology Edit

The Lokni are a ground dwelling humanoid race that are bald and vaguely reptilian. They have green hairless skin, with red strips running across the backs of the scalps.

History Edit

The Lokni lived in the land of Jhamora on their world, when emissaries from the Nohrin came looking for a new place to relocate their people due to their homeland's increasing in hospitality, the Lokni initially welcomed the Nohrin. However after more Nohrin were relocated to Jhamora, the Lokni leaders began refuse them entry due to there not being enough room in Jhamora for them.

The Nohrin King’s sister, Sedessa was sent to make peace with the Lokni and renegotiate, but instead initiates a conflict leading to a bloody struggle to claim Jhamora without the King’s consent, slaughtering innocent Lokni people. After King Zahn learned of this treachery, he immediately banished his sister and ordered his forces to stand down. A treaty was created between the two races, segregating the two one their agreed territories.

Years after her banishment, Sedessa returned and through her lover Colonel Raius, plotted to incite another war between the two races. After kidnapping her niece, Princess Kyla, and framing her Lokni friend Delgo and his comrade Filo for her disappearance, she planned to have the Lokni and Nohrin wage war with each other so that her army from the badlands could invade when the two sides were weaken.

The Lokni retaliated against the Nohrin for the seizure of their two young, leading to another war. Just as the Nohrin and Lokni armies are engaged in combat Sedessa's forces arrived.

Her plan was foiled by Delgo, Filo, Bogardus, and Kyla, who managed to convince the Nohrin army to rescue the Lokni, after Filo iniated a stampede of wild animals trampling Sedessa's forces and driving them away.

At the end Elder Marley and Kings Zahn shake hands as a symbol of new friendship while Kyla and Delgo kiss before the two races as a new beginning between the two races.

Culture Edit

The Lokni are a people attuned with the natural forces of the land especially with the magic stones. Study and mastery of these stones are taught at the Stone Sage Sanctuary. Through years of training from a apprentice to sage the Lokni are able to manipulate the stones to levitate, shine, reshape or even store memories. Though the skills may seem to be mere magician tricks to some, the tactics employed by the sages in battle are devastating as their sages are able to utilize their art as shields, explosives, and weapons.

Government Edit

The Lokni are ruled by the Stone Sage Council, a geritocracy composed of the Lokni elders and wisest stone sages. During times of war they select one of their own to lead them into battle. A ritual to declare war, involves two stones, one blue and one orange, each represent peace and war. The elders decide on their decision by telepathically moving the stones and allowing their emotions to make their judgment. Which ever stone remains standing will decide the motion of the council. Each stone sage is a powerful practioner of the stones able and confident enough to take part in battles. Though the Nohrin regard the sages within this council to be charlatans of some obscure art.

Sources Edit

  • Delgo (2008)
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