Logan Dunn was a man on the train into Chicago, whose body was taken over by an unnamed Desserian during the mass prison break from SAR TOP. In his human life, Dunn was a powerful man who was friends with many influential people - including the Chicago Mayor.


In his human form on Earth, the Desserian in Logan Dunn's body is running a real estate scam for Zin, with a Vardian called Marak helping him out. When a man called Joshua Keene (who was working for Dunn) threatens to expose their scam, Dunn and Marak capture him before Marak throws him off the roof of the building to his death, while Dunn destroys a voice recording of the evidence against them (Joshua's recorded phone calls between himself and Dunn).

Upon later been visited by Joshua's grandfather, Wahota - an Apache/Native American man - Dunn falsely claims that Joshua was suffering with depression at the time due to 'woman trouble' and was likely to have killed himself. Not believing Dunn's story, Wahota claims he will track down his grandson's murderer. After Wahota departs, Dunn sends Marak to kill him before calling Zin to tell him their plan is 'back on schedule'.

Logan Dunn with Marak.

However, when Marak returns to say how Wahota got away due to Cole's intervention, Dunn sends him to 'clean up their mess'. Unfortunately, Marak is found by both Cole and Wahota, with Cole battling Marak and defeating him before taking his life force.

Looking up information on Dunn at Wahota's request, they find he is a powerful man and friends with many people including the Mayor. However, Mel realizes from the documents they find that Dunn is running a scam - forcing people from their homes so Logan could buy the property, with Wahota further realizing his grandson caught onto the scam and was killed for that reason. Hearing something on the message that Joshua sent Wahota on the night he was murdered, Cole isolates the sounds on the tape - finding out that Joshua was recording his conversations with Dunn as evidence on tape to take to the Police. Despite this, Wahota feels the system doesn't work and decides to go after Dunn, despite Cole's words that "revenge won't ease his pain". Finding Wahota gone, Cole goes after him.

Dunn attacks Wahota after been confronted by him.

Wahota confronts Dunn about Joshua's murder and the scam, with Dunn attacking Wahota. Upon hearing Cole's voice, Dunn 'disappears into the wall'. When Wahota explains this to Cole, Cole realizes that Dunn is a Desserian. Although the Police are called to find Logan, Cole knows they won't be able to stop him. Wahota reveals that he saw what Cole did to Marak - telling Cole that he can help him find Dunn, but Cole will have to be the one who stops him. Managing to use a satellite to track Dunn's car, they follow it into a wooded area and begin their search.


Cole impaled with a sharpened log.

Wahota's natural tracking ability assists the pair greatly - with Cole following his lead. Continuing to hunt down Dunn, Wahota finds a 'relay' trap that has been set by Dunn - realizing he is more dangerous than previously anticipated and knows the area well. After Cole destroys a hidden alien chamber, the pair are ambushed by Dunn - with him impaling Cole with a sharpened log and briefly pinning Wahota against a tree - gloating that Wahota "fights better than his grandson". Cole recovers and continues to fight, but accidentally is caught in a strangle-noose trap that Dunn has set. As Dunn prepares to kill him, Wahota shoots the rope with an

Cole takes Dunn's life force.

arrow, freeing Cole and allowing him to pin Dunn down before taking his life force - again watched by Wahota.

Leaving the area, Wahota decides to walk back to his reservation but assures Cole the secret of his alien identity is safe with him - as many tribes believed in life on other worlds beyond Earth. Giving him a gift as a thank you for all he has done, as well as respectfully saying Cole would have made a great Apache scout, the two trackers share a final act of respect 'from one tracker to another' before Wahota walks off into the woods on his journey home.  

Cole is later seen finding a picture of a much younger Wahota in a book, back when he was an Apache scout in the Tenth Cavalry, before showing it to Mel.


Tracker (TV Series) - Episode 11: Native Son

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