Alien Species


Locust Drone.png

Locust Drones are the most common species belonging to the Locust Horde, and so usually serve as the foot soldiers of the horde, along with filling a variety of specialist roles. Bred for war, Locust Drones possess such loyalty to the Locust queen Myrrah, each are willing to charge towards their deaths against any enemy, regardless of the odds against them. Unlike their female counterparts, the Berserkers, the Drones are significantly smaller and weaker, but also greater discipline and intelligence, along with expertise in a variety of firearms. Due to the contrast between the Drones and Berserkers, in terms of aggression, and as these Locust reproduce sexually, the latter is required to be restrained during mating in order to prevent her from killing the drone.


Drone - The standard foot soldiers of the Locust horde, drones are lightly armoured and typically armed with hammerburst rifles.

Grenadier - Locust drones armed with gnasher shotguns and bolo grenades, these drones usually enter battle with little to no armour.

Sniper - Locust drones who specialise in long range combat, and so are armed with longshot sniper rifles.

Beast Rider - Due to the Locust's use of Sera's wildlife as beasts of war, Beast Riders are drones tasked with mounting many of these beasts in order to maintain the horde's control over them, such as Reavers or even Brumaks.

Bolter - Locust drones who typically wield boltok pistols as their signature weapon.

Cyclops - Veteran drones, these locust are named for their uniquely designed helmets and often enter battle wielding lancer assault rifles looted from human soldiers they've killed in the past.

Gunner - Locust drones who specialise in the use of mounted gun turrets. They are also equipped with highly durable helmets which protect them from gunfire targeted towards their heads.

Spotter - Locust drones deployed in tandem with gunners, tasked with spotting targets for the turret operator.

Flame drone/grenadier - Locust drones equipped with scorcher flamethrowers, they also carry fuel tanks on their backs, likely as additional ammunition, which explode when shot.

Rager - A subspecies of locust drone, ragers had the ability to rapidly transform into what appeared to be a "mini-berserker" when enraged. Due to their recklessness, ragers became virtually extinct quite early in their war against Sera's human population.

Theron Guard- serving as commandos and field commanders, theron guards are elite locust drones equipped with heavy armour and armed with various weapons utilised by lesser drones, while also possessing access to the torque bow.