Alien Species

Lobstermen are staggering monstrosities turned against mankind by alien invaders, being utilized as shock troops, though they are also known to hold very high positions amongst the alien hierarchy, as well. Possessing a virtually indestructible shell making them practically invulnerable to missile barrages, these behemoths of the deep also possess incredible strength sanctioned into six limbs, with their pincers alone capable of crushing steel. They are obviously not natural organisms, possessing a titanium skeleton for their powerful muscles to attach to and a sophisticated targeting system with a multi-band scanning ability hooked directly into their brain. Their multiple eyes are also protected by harder than steel plastics, making blinding them essentially not an option, either. Buried deep in its body are devices of unknown construction and function.

One ought to take into consideration a Lobsterman's intelligence, as they are still entirely capable of wielding standard alien weaponry in conjunction with their massive chelae, making them a constant threat until they can be incapacitated.

Lobsterman Autopsy

A Lobsterman autopsy.

However, while they may seem unstoppable, they are not without weakness. They have a vulnerability to both freezing weaponry as well as drills. Molecular Control can wreak havoc on them, and they possess no MC abilities of their own. Luckily for those they fight against, just turning around expends energy for them, and so they can potentially use more energy than they are capable of recovering, meaning that they have a particular habit of wearing themselves out. Also, although it is not a weakness per se, they do sustain more damage from their own sonic weapons than any other non-area effect ranged weapon.

Do to their incredible similarities to lobsters, it can be presumed that they are genetically altered using their DNA, though this has yet to be confirmed or denied.


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