General Information
Homeworld Vartas
Habitat Subterranean
Height 120 - 171 cm
Weight 56 - 90 kg
Locomotion Bipedal
Lifespan 45.8 - 125 Earth years
Sapience Level Sapient
Behavior Kleptomaniac
Behind the Scenes
Universe Babylon 5

The Llort are a race of sapient, spacefaring humanoids from the planet Vartas. As of the 23rd century, they're among the members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, and later the Interstellar Alliance.


The Llort are natural underground dwellers. They appear vaguely like a humanoid armadillo with thick armored covering on their heads. They have hairless brown skin and glossy black eyes which are better suited to seeing in the dark, as bright lights greatly impede their vision. Their hands have five fingers, but their feet have only two toes. They're a dioecious species and reproduce in the same way as Earth mammals.

Culture and societyEdit

Modern Llort typically dwell in underground maze-like cities. Their planet, Vartas, is noted as having a barren surface dominated by rocky terrain. They're widely regarded as a competitive, even aggressive species, and their mainly feudal society is plagued by near-constant war and power struggles. The Llort government is known as the Mi-Ma-Ti, which can be translated as "The Chosen of the Burrow". They first achieved spaceflight in the year 2161.

Arguably, the most curious trait of the Llort is their tendency towards kleptomania. Like pack rats, the Llort display an urge to collect objects, regardless of their value or lack thereof. Their concept of property is different from that of other races, so they fail to view theft as a crime. It is common custom, however, that if a Llort is caught in the act of stealing they will simply give back the item.

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