Alien Species
Universe Star Control Universe
Homeworld Azazel
Average Height Unspecified
Diet Saprotrophic (Soluble Organic Compounds extracted from Decaying Food)
Sapience Level Sapient

While one may initially make the assumption that the Lk (pronounced simply as \ lk \, making it sound like "ulk") are potentially evolved from either a race of serpents or leeches, they are in fact evolved from saprotrophic fungal spores. These spores fed upon the remains of the then-rotting food stores of the ancient Precursors, possibly even the bodies of Precursors as well, assuming that the great race had perished and had not just transplanted their bodies somewhere else. This, combined with having evolved inside a Precursor base and thereby immediately possessing large quantities of their artifacts, they consider themselves the true heirs and inheritors of the Precursor legacy, and seek to control all artifacts of the long-lost species. They speak in a manner of hissed S's and rolled R's.

Their philosophy is one of selfishness, only helping others when it suits their own needs, and only for as long as it takes to get what they desire or require. One example of this is when they lied about believing the Human captain of a precursor colony ship was a member of the Hegemonic Crux, and thereby attacked him; they did this in order to get him to attack the Daktaklakpak to obtain a Precursor artifact known as the red spiral rail.

Lk are very knowledgeable about other sapient races, and know much about Human history, despite the Humans having never come into contact with the Lk before - this may be due to them having traded much information out of the Melnorme, as this is a very likely possibility, given the lifestyle of the latter. The Lk also know of the relationship between the VUX and the Vyro-Ingo.


Lk Sanctorum

An Lk Sanctorum.

A relatively simple ship, its only true advantage in combat is that it is virtually impossible to engage without the opponent suffering damage. They fire missiles rapidly, which move in a semi-linear fashion. They also possess the ability to phase shift, making their ship intangible behind a shield.

They have a restricted range in which they can maintain an effective attack while still having enough time to maneuver away from or shift through enemy barrages. However, rapid fire weaponry against them at close range my effectively nullify any and all of the Sanctorum's advantages.


  • Everything in Star Control 3 is no longer considered canon in accordance to the Star Control Universe, and therefore, neither are the Lk.