Alien Species

"Lizard-monsters", a.k.a. "Lizard-things", are an unnamed species of non-sapient creatures which are domesticated and employed as mounts by the Andromedan Pygmies. Their homeworld orbits the star Delta Andromedae (not to be confused with the Andromeda Galaxy). Each of these beasts is many times larger than their diminutive masters, and therefore carries four saddles.


They are 20 ft. long (~ 6 meters) reptilian beasts which look like fat lizards, but walk on multiple short legs. Despite that, they're capable of surprising speed and swiftness, and are intelligent enough to respond to verbal calls. They have squat toad-like heads with a single phosphorescent eye, drooped ears and cavernous mouths with sharp teeth. Their skin is mottled in shades of "dull blues and rusty blacks and clayish yellows".


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