Alien Species

Littoralopes are a species of 11 foot long (~ 3.35 meters), numerous aliens that live throughout Darwin IV. During the Human-Yma expedition of 2358, Barlowe encounters a small herd taking shelter in the decaying skull of a Sea Strider, and noticed that their entire bodies glowed green in the darkness. He then witnesses the entire herd feed on the Amoebic Sea before leaving them.


An Arrowtongue and Littoralope are unaware of a pack hunting Skewer.


One of the Littoralope's main traits are the deceptive tail that's shaped like its head. This is used to further confuse predators as it keeps the attacker(s) guessing which direction the Littoralope will escape to. like most Darwin animal life, Littoralope's have a small hole thought the skull.


  • Littoralopes played little significance in the documentary Alien Planet. They took a role of running away, or prey for Skewers. Their only real defense is to scatter in all directions, forcing predators to target one individual.