Like their name suggests, the Little Green Men are a race of small, green-colored humanoids with three eyes and a short antenna on the top of their heads. They are employed by the Star Command as technicians and scientists. The Little Green Men are skilled workers; they are the ones who keep the Command in shape. Their high intelligence and technical skills are partly explained by the mindlink: the aliens' ability to think and feel as one. The mindlink is possible due to an object called the Unimind, a mystical orb located on the Little Green Men's homeworld that links all of their kind. The Little Green Men often (though not always) speak in unison. They are the creators of XR, Buzz Lightyear's robot partner.

When Evil Emperor Zurg steals the Unimind, the Little Green Men lose part of their intellectual capacities, becoming unable to properly fix a damaged XR. Because of this, the little robot gets a much more Human-like personality (“so many character flaws”). After Zurg is defeated by Buzz, the Unimind is retrieved and the aliens' mindlink is restored.

Behind the scenesEdit


The Little Green Men first appeared as squeeze toy aliens in the 1995 film Toy Story. Only five years later they would be featured as a real alien race in the animated series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Before it became a real TV series, Buzz Lightyear existed only within the universe of the Toy Story movies. A Buzz Lightyear toy is in fact a main character of the movies.

In Toy Story, the alien toys are found by Woody and Buzz in a claw vending machine in a Pizza Planet restaurant. They worship the claw and believe it to be their master. The aliens also appeared in Toy Story 2 (1999).

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