Alien Species

A larva to the Armored Cannon Beetle.

Lithopods are a large species of insect-like creatures that live on PNF-404. Many of these specimens were discovered and documented by Captain Olimar, with some specimens more up to speculation.


Members of the Lithopod family group mostly resemble eachother in appearance. They are four-legged creatures with a large abdomen and small eyes by their circular mouths.

A prominent trait shared by all Lithopods is their relationship with the ground: most, if not all, Lithopods start their life underground, and many species are known to create clumps of earth to be used as a form of projectile against attackers. In fact, their group name plays off the word lithos, meaning rock or stone in relation to the stones they shoot.


Over the course of expeditions onto PNF-404, five species had been discovered on PNF-404, one of which is an extinct ancestor being discovered as well: