Alien Species

Limax are a race of blob-like aliens.



Limax are semi-humanoid blobs, mostly brown/green in color with dirty pink organs. They have multiple eyes, and they are shown to have no definite appearance, often having extra arms, fin-like protrusions, or misshapen body parts.


Limax like to eat Humans, especially elderly ones. One of their own stated that children are too chewy and need to grow older to become "nice and tender".

Powers and abilities[]

Limaxes are able to shift into any form, including Human beings.

Limax gain strength from heat, as shown when they are attacked by a Pyronite. This is the reason they decided to attack a retirement area in the desert.

Limax can regenerate and merge with each other to create a much larger version of themselves that seems to speak more than the others do.


Limaxes are mortally afraid of water. Even just a tiny bit of water may injure or even kill them. This may be because their bodies are mostly liquid and water could melt them away.


  • It is implied that the Omnitrix contains Limax DNA.