General Information
Homeworld New World
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Black Hammer Universe

The Lightriders were a group of deities from New World in the Black Hammer Universe.

History Edit

Since the dawn of time, the Lightriders, led by Starlok have fought a battle between light and dark against his evil twin brother Anti-God. The two forces were in balance, until the death of Starlok's most powerful warrior the Black Hammer. Black Hammer met his end on Earth, in Spiral City tracking down agents of Anti-God.

Soup Kitchen chef, Joseph Weber discovered the Lighrider's body and upon touching his hammer became the new Black Hammer. Weber refused to fully commit to the battle against Anti-God, preferring to stay and protect his city and family.

In fact when the Lightriders called for his aid when Anti-God had breached New World, Weber dismissed their call preferring to celebrate his ten year old daughter's birthday. The hero's lack of priorities led to the death of the Lightriders and the destruction of New World.

Members Edit

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Source Edit

  • Black Hammer 007 (2017)
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