The inhabitants of Light City are an unnamed, sapient, non-humanoid race which have their own zone on the planet Bortresoye, in the Divergent Universe.


Little has been revealed about this species, other than that they have eight limbs and much shorter lifespans than Humans or Eutermesans. They're also a dioecious species, with both males and females. They seem to be divided into castes, with some individuals classified as Citizens and others as Proles, although this might be just a social division, rather than a biological one.

Culture and societyEdit

The inhabitants of Light City are indoctrinated by their government to believe that there is no life outside of the City. They're taught to be subservient to the state and not to ask questions. Lawbreakers are dealt with by having their memories erased and a new personality implanted on them. Individuals of this species usually don't have names, and are known only by their job titles. Although they believe in high productivity (generated by efficiency and happiness), the rulers are aware that some occasional bursts of "controlled chaos" are necessary for society to function. Thus, members of this species also celebrate the annual Jubilee Day, in which workers are free to do as they please.


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