Lexi is the daughter of The Nekross King, the younger sister of Varg, the sister-in-law of Lady Lyzera and formally the Princess of Nekron.

Lexi along with her father, brother and several other Nekross travelled the universe for Enchanted planets to search for their food source: Magic and would send it back to the other Nekross back on Nekron. They had taken magic from every planet they encountered, except one: Earth as a teenage wizard named Tom Clarke does whatever he can to protect the planet's magic from them.

One time, Lexi came to Earth disguised as a woman named "Lucy" in order to find Varg who had disappeared, but ended up getting trapped in a magical realm called the Neverside along with Tom. Due to the time differences between the Neverside and the Dayside (Earth), Lexi (trapped in her human form) and Tom ended up being there for twenty years. Whilst there, the two fell in love with each other and had a son together named Benny Jr.. One day Tom found Benny Jr. with a satyr who tried to attack him and Lexi years earlier and thinks it's going to attack his son so shoots it with magic.

The satyr is revealed to be Varg who was turned into a satyr after becoming trapped in the Neverside. Moments later, Tom's best friend Benny arrives and brings Tom, Lexi, Varg and Benny Jr. back to the Dayside. But when they reach there, Lexi and Varg return to their true forms and Benny Jr. disappears due to being born in the Neverside.

After this, Lexi begins to question her loyalty between her family and Tom. During a battle between the royal family and Nekron's temporally ruler Chancellor Kooth (who wishes to overthrow the royals and rule Nekron for herself), Lexi whilst getting Tom (who had his magic extracted) to sunlight to regain his magic, she catches Zanti Scale Contamination. Luckily, Tom saves her by drinking raw magic and turns her into a human and sends her to live on Earth and also resurrects Benny Jr. so Lexi will be happy on Earth.

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