General Information
Homeworld Levran
Locomotion Bipedal
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe

The Levrams are a humanoid species in TMNT (2003) from the dimension of Levram.

Physiology Edit

The Levrams are humanoid race with stripes of blue and purple running down their bodies. They possess facial hair usually wrapped in intricate braids. Intesesting about their physical characteristics, is that the Levram are able to control their muscle mass becoming seemingly small and skinny or a hulking giant.

History Edit

Kluh a young Levram warrior participated in the Battle Nexus. He had the unfortunate chance to encounter Michelangelo who involved the seemingly small Levram warrior in one of his accidents. Insulted and shamed Kluh snarled at Mikey in his language. Seeing no significance of Kluh's threats, due to his diminished size, the turtle dared him to fight, prompting the alien to grow in size and prepare to pummel the turtle.

He vengeance would have to wait as the Battle Nexus finals had begun. He managed to get to the final match where much to his delight his opponent was Mikey. When Drago and the Ultimate Ninja, were fighting for control of the Daimiyo's War Staff, he and Mikey were sucked into the rift. Mikey managed to save the the Levram from falling into the abyss, but after the crisis had passed the Turtle had inadvertently knocked the warrior out, making him Battle Nexus Champion by default.

A year later, seeking to reclaim his honor from a humiliating defeat, Kluh and his father Ammag brought petition a rematch with Mikey due to the special circumstances of Kluh's defeat. The Ultimate Daimiyo approved of the match, but the Levram took it as an approval to ambush Mikey in his home dimension and claim his head. The ruler of the Battle Nexus had to personally arbitrate the fight to Battle Nexus standards so that the matter would be resolved in a honorable fashion.

Ammag uncontent with just his son defeating Mikey, conspired to have the turtle killed in the match. He enlisted the aid of a Levram wizard to remove the safety spells in the Nexus. In addition Ammag kidnapped the young son of the Ultimate Daimiyo to force him to comply with his demands. His plot failed as Leonardo rescued the prince, allowing the Daimiyo to apprehend the Levram and allow Mikey to continue his match in which he easily defeated Kluh a second time.

Culture Edit

The Levram are a fierce race of warriors that take matters of one's honor seriously. Should a Levram warrior's honor be insulted they prefer to regain their honor through mortal combat and blood. While a warrior culture, the Levrams possess skills in magic.

Sources Edit

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