General Information
Homeworld Unknown
Sapience Level Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Marvel Universe

The Leviathon Tide or the Great Beasts are a race of galactic kaiju in the Marvel Universe.

Biology Edit

The Leviathons are giant monsters capable of traveling through the void of space. The Leviathons come in a multitude of forms are appearances, however most of the Leviathons encountered are noted to possess euqlly numerous eyes on their bodies. These eyes act as sensory organs to sned information to the Leviathon Mother. The Leviathon Mother is the one thing that binds creatures together. Spawned from the Leviathon Mother, they have a hive mind, and under the Mother's influence. These beasts that are birth form the Leviathon Mother have only one purpose: to cleanse worlds of life and make it habitable for a nest for the Mother.

History Edit

The Leviathons were encountered by the Universal Inhumans long ago, when the benevolent race was seeding worlds with life. The arrival of the Great Beasts, forced the Universal Inhumans to take arms against the creatures. They were led by an Inhuman Summoner, who used her powers to summon creatures of equally great strength and power as the Leviathons from the farthest reaches of the universe to fight them. However even with the power of the summoner and her creatures, the Universal Inhumans fell, however they passed the legend of the Leviathons down to their descendants the Inhumans of Earth.

Source Edit

  • Marvel: Monsters Unleashed 003 (2017)
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