The Lesser Spotted Jellyfloat is a endangered species of Jellyfloat that can be found in PNF-404. They used to be widespread throughout their indigenous region, but many of their territories are invaded by Greater Spotted Jellyfloats, drastically decreasing their numbers.


This smaller variant of Jellyfloat is a blue-colored Jellyfish-like creature with yellow spots on it. Like true jellyfish, its body is translucent, with prey items able to be seen within the creature after being consumed. It is able to hunt prey in the form of powerful suction, able to "inhale" small creatures into its bell where they are digested. Although they still possess their tentacles from their life underwater, they do not sting.

Lesser Spotted Jellyfloats, despite appearing to have no vocal cords or mouths to speak of, are actually quite vocal. Encounters with them often note a flowing, higher-pitched moaning that is described as almost ghostly. Alongside this, the rare species is actually capable of singing a simplified melody, which has only ever been heard for this species.

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