Lerks are a avian-like subspecies of Kharaa in the Natural Selection Universe. It becomes a playable Kharaa during a match after paying thirty resource cost points. Its name was given to it by Commander Ty Summish.


A Lerk holds a vague resemblance to a Earth Pterosaur, or bat. It has a pair of large bat-like wings, with two-toed clawed hands capable of gripping walls and ceilings as it awaits for prey. Its mouth ends in a jugged toothed beak, with a set of tubular organs aimed forward to shoot spike projectiles at enemies from afar. While a fast flyer, its wings make it very slow when walking on the ground.


  • Poison Bite - Lerks are well known for having a venomous bite. While not lethal, it is capable of bringing prey close to death, and making it easier to hunt.
  • Spores - Used both as a getaway strategy and a weapon, Lerks are capable of releasing a cloud of toxic spores, which is poisonous to breathe.
  • "Umbra" - older Lerks are also able to release a gaseous clouds that latches onto the skin of Kharaa species.
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