Alien Species

The Lepi are a species of tall, furred lagomorphs which was native to the planet Coachelle Prime. The Lepi are a carnivorous race, distinguished by their large incisors and the various colors of their fur, which ranged from green to dark blue. Despite their appearance, the Lepi are a technologically-advanced race, having achieved spaceflight and colonized the five planets in the system and the neighboring asteroid belt.


Lepi are considered sexually mature at just ten years of age, and females often gave birth to litters of three dozen or more offspring, resulting in a swift growth in their population. This growth spurred on the development of their space-travel technology, as colony worlds were seen as a response to overpopulation of Coachelle Prime. Individual Lepi are known for their increased metabolism, a trait that often manifested itself as hyper-activity.


  • They have many features that Humans of Earth liken to rabbits, apart from their diet.