Lenopans, mostly called Sludgepuppies or simply Sludges, are a sapient species of amorphous shapeshifters from an unknown planet.


Anatomy Edit

Lenopans are capable of taking on humanoid shapes and features, while retaining a mud-like appearance.

Female Lenopans have two mobile whiskers on their cheeks and two antennae above their eyes, while males lack both, and usually have smaller eyes than females.

Powers and abilities Edit

Lenopans can stretch, morph and shape shift their bodies in any way shape or form at will. They can also change their color and texture, allowing them to mimic flesh or fabric.

Lenopans can detach their body parts, and stick them back on, reattaching them. If they are disembodied, their pieces will instinctively come together again and reconstitute them.

Lenopans can shapeshift their body parts and even themselves into other objects. Using their sludge, they can look like another shape made of purple sludge and can still move while in liquid form.

Lenopans can shapeshift into non-existent or imaginary species complete with unique abilities.

Lenopans morph their body parts into melee weapons. Their bodies can also generate slime and shoot masses of it like adhesive projectiles.

A Lenopan's liquid body can be gelatinous akin to a large mass of muscle, which allows tangibility and the ability to be mobile.

A Lenopan's normal slimy form is dense and adhesive enough be impervious against Petrosapien crystals and trap other creatures in their bodies. This form also gives them the capability to go underground infinitely.

Lenopans can survive underwater in any form. One way they accomplish this is by transforming with a waterproof layer of slime around them to swim in their natural form. Another way is by turning into a fish or Human to swim.[1]

Weaknesses Edit

Lenopans can become solidified if exposed to fire, such as that generated by a Pyronite.

Culture and society Edit

Though now at peace with humanity, Lenopans have historically tried to cause trouble on Earth and had thus been in opposition with the Plumbers.

Similar to Human culture, the taboo against cousins dating extends to cousins unrelated by blood.[2]

History Edit

The Plumbers of Earth and the Lenopans were involved in a decades-long feud, before it was ended by the marriage of Plumber Joel Tennyson and Lenopan Camille Mann. However, Camille's family objected to her marrying a Human and conspired with both their bodyguard and Camille's ex-boyfriend to ruin the wedding by any means necessary.

During the rehearsal dinner, Camille's ex-boyfriend disrupted the reception to forestall suspicion upon the parents, but he was quickly dealt with by Ben Tennyson as Diamondhead. During the wedding, Mr. Mann, Mrs. Mann, and their bodyguard went on a rampage in an attempt to destroy the wedding. The Manns were dried and solidified into a brittle mass by Ben as Heatblast while the bodyguard was blown up by Max Tennyson.

With Gordon and Betty Jean Tennyson accepting Camille into their family, Joel and Camille finally got married, thereby putting end to the decades-long Plumber/Lenopan feud once and for all. In the wedding's aftermath, the evil Lenopans were arrested by the Plumbers.[3] Roughly six years later, Camille's cousin Lucy became the first Lenopan Plumber.

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  • This species was originally known as "Sludgepuppies", which is considered to be an offensive racial slur. None of the Lenopans seen on-screen had a problem with the term until Deefus Veeblepister made his dislike of it known.
  • It is implied that the Omnitrix contains Lenopan DNA.

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