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The Legion Queen was an extraterrestrial kaiju that invaded Japan, Earth - intending to turn the planet into a nest for her species. She appeared in the Heisei era Gamera movie, Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (Also known as Gamera 2: Attack of Legion). The actual species name is not known - with the aliens been named 'Legion' after a soldier who witnesses them refers to them as Legion from reciting a bible verse.

(And Jesus asked him, "What is thy name?" He replied, "My name is Legion, for we are many." Mark 5:9)

Her species are silicon-base organisms, with the aliens themselves appearing similar to crustaceans and insects - in particular Rhinoceros beetles. Instead of muscles, the creatures move using pressurized gas that passes through their exoskeleton.

Although their method of reproduction is unknown, it is known that they spread through an massive pod (within a flower) that they fuel with oxygen to ignite a massive explosion to launch their species throughout the galaxy. The Queen apparently oversees this and is responsible for planting the alien flowers necessary for the process, while her Symbiotic Soldier Legions (100 are released from the egg cases seen on her body) guard the flower and do the Queen's bidding. In rare cases, the Queen can lose control of the swarm if

Legion Queen unleashes her swarm of Symbiotic Legion Soldiers.

they are attracted to electromagnetic sources such as power lines or transformers.

The Queen possesses a variety of abilities. She is very durable thanks to her silicon body structure - able to resist a frontal assault from the Japanese Self-Defense forces. She can also burrow and is capable of flight, despite her enormous size. In terms of attack, she can release a swarm of 100 Symbiotic Soldier Legions to do her bidding (controlling them with electromagnetic waves). Her back legs can be used for attacking her enemies - even while underground - while been strong enough to knock Gamera out of the sky and penetrate his shell.

Aside from her physical abilities, the queen has other powers. Firstly, she is able to unleash an EM Beam - a powerful stream of blue plasma energy that is extremely powerful. She can also use the energy in conjunction with her legs to create a 'microwave shield' - which is capable of neutralizing Gamera's fireballs.

Legion Queen uses her Microwave Shell.

This shield is weakened, however, if her legs are injured or destroyed. Finally, the Queen has one final attack for if her horn is torn off. In this case, she is able to use an attack called the 'Butte Legion'; releasing crimson tendrils from the spot in between her nasal horn. The tendrils can move about freely and have a high temperature, allowing them to cut through Gamera easily.

She is regarded by many kaiju fans as Gamera's toughest opponent. She is notable also for been his largest opponent and been the second female monster in the Gamera movie series - the first been the Showa Era monster Jiger.

Information[edit | edit source]

The Legion Queen and her swarm first appeared on Earth by a meteor - which impacted in Japan, not far from

The Legion Flower, with its pod in the center.

Sapporo. The Queen soon burrows under Sapporo - setting up the seed for the flower to grow. While the species soon became known after several incidents involving the smaller Symbiotic creatures, the existence of the Queen remained unknown. As scientists and the Japanese Self Defense Force tried to find a way to stop the creatures, they learned that the giant flower (which had bloomed in Sapporo after erupting from a building) is drastically raising the city's oxygen levels, with the realization that the flower is essentially a 'launch pad': the increased oxygen will aid the aliens in exploding the flower, catapulting its seed into space so that they can colonize yet another world. A great danger is realized as its predicted when the flower explodes, it will destroy all of Sapporo - which could also happen if the military tried to destroy the flower themselves.

Thankfully for Japan, Gamera - a giant fire-breathing turtle created by the ancient civilization of Atlantis as a defender of all life on Earth - flew into the besieged city. Recognizing the alien plant as a threat, Gamera ripped the plant out from its roots, thus saving Sapporo. However, the Queen - enraged at this - sent her

Legion Queen in Flight.

army of soldiers to attack the giant turtle. Gamera was badly injured by the soldiers, but was able to escape after the creatures were attracted to a nearby transformer. As Gamera flew away, humanity watched as from the ground, the Queen emerged and took to the skies herself - with one of the soldiers referring to her and her soldiers as 'Legion'. The Queen was later pursued by a pair of JSDF F-15 fighter jets, who confirmed missile hits against the alien insect over the ocean. However, only one giant wing had been found - with the belief the Queen was still alive.

The Legion Queen impales Gamera.

Having learned more about the creatures biology from studying the dead soldiers, the military learned that the creatures were attracted to electromagnetic waves - with the realization that the aliens were heading for Tokyo. However, Sendai was the next to bare witness to the blooming of a Legion flower, as the Queen (hidden underground) began her second attempt - although her soldiers had once again been brought down after been attracted to a transformer in the city. Learning that Gamera had sensed the flower's presence and was heading towards Sendai, the military began a hasty evacuation of the city - using transport helicopters to help the citizens escape. As Gamera arrived, however, he was knocked out of the sky by an unexpected attack from underground. As the ground shattered, the Queen revealed herself to Gamera - with the two

The Legion Queen prepares to fire her EM Beam

monsters engaging each other in combat. The Queen proved to be a fearsome combatant, with her silicon-based shell making her extremely durable and resilient to Gamera's physical blows - while she used her back legs to great effect, penetrating Gamera's body and spilling the Earth guardian's blood. Gamera, however, fought on - trying to buy time for a helicopter full of citizens (including Asagi Kusanagi; a girl who was psychically bonded to him) to take off. The helicopter finally managed to get airborne, but the Legion Queen proceeded to blast the 'Guardian of the Universe' with her EM Beams.

Sendai is Annihilated by the pod's explosion.

As Gamera falls onto his back, defeated, the victorious Legion Queen burrows underground as the pod prepares to launch. With no options left, the military evacuate Sendai. Gamera, weakened and realizing he is too late to prevent the flower from launching its pod, does the only thing he can to prevent the Legion from spreading. Sacrificing his body, Gamera knocks over the pod before it can launch. As it does, the pod explodes. Due to the high amount of oxygen in the air that has built up, the city is engulfed in a fireball that completely decimates the urban area. In the aftermath, only a charred crater remains where Sendai once stood. In the center of the

A nightmare come true.

crater lay Gamera's charred husk - the Guardian of the Universe seemingly having been killed in his successful attempt to stop the Legion from spreading. With Gamera apparently dead, the Self Defense Force is deployed to try and prevent the Legion Queen - herself determined to create another flower with her arch-nemesis now out of the way - from taking over Tokyo: the largest source of electromagnetism in the nation.

The Japanese army set up several lines of defense - but despite their valiant efforts, the Queen's durability allowed her to hold off against the weapons of the army.

The Legion Queen under attack from the Japanese Army.

She then retaliated with her EM Beam - resulting in heavy losses for the army - before unleashing another swarm of her symbiotic soldiers to fly ahead. Meanwhile, Asagi and a group of believers in the giant turtle joined together to try and revive him from his comatose. Using the mystical jewel that gives her a psychic bond with the ancient creature, Asagi and the believers tried to reach out to him. They were successful as Gamera was revived, but Asagi's psychic connection was lost as the jewel shattered. Taking off, Gamera reached the Queen's location and launched several fireballs at her, but

Gamera fights the Legion Queen.

the Queen protected herself from the attack by using her 'Microwave shield' to neutralize the fireballs. Calling back her swarm, the Queen intended to finish Gamera off quickly. However, she lost control as a nearby power plant powered up its transformers - drawing the swarm away and forcing her to fight alone. In the control room, the military made a decision - they would fight together with Gamera to destroy the Legion Queen.

Using their fighter jets, the military managed to blast off some of Legion's arms - weakening her Microwave shield. Forced to rely on her EM Beam, the Queen's situation became more desperate as her horn steamed with the extreme heat generated by the continuous blasts while Gamera closed in - physically attacking her

The Legion Queen attacks with her Energy Whips.

once more. Finally, Gamera grabbed hold of the Queen's nasal horns and, with some effort, managed to tear both of them off. The Queen collapsed in agony, seemingly defeated as Gamera threw the horns aside. However, the Queen was only down temporarily. Rising once again with her eyes now red as sin, the enraged Queen unleashed a new attack - firing deadly energy whips from where her horn had been, the Queen's attack easily pierced through Gamera's flesh and shell - greatly wounding him. With no option left if he wanted to defeat this extraterrestrial menace and save all life on Earth, Gamera prepared for his final attack.

Gamera unleashes his Mana Blast.

As the Legion Queen watched her Earthly foe with curiosity, Gamera showed his connection to Earth itself as he began to draw in a portion of the Earth's Mana energy. The energy converged on Gamera - formed into a column of fiery energy that Gamera absorbed into himself. Staring down his otherworldly energy with his eyes now glowing red, Gamera opened up part of his body - from where the gathered Mana energy raged within. Unleashing the power of the Earth, a beam of intense fiery energy erupted from the opening on Gamera's body - striking the Legion Queen directly as Gamera fought to stay on his feet as the sheer kinetic and explosive power of the attack pushed him back. The Queen shrieked in pain as she was also forced back by

Legion Queen Destroyed.

the blast, with even her durability been no match for the sheer power of Gamera's Mana Blast. It was eventually too much to take for her and, as those who could see it watched, the Legion Queen was blasted apart by Gamera's final blow. This evil extraterrestrial had been defeated once and for all.

As the soldiers saluted Earth's savior, Gamera took off to an unknown location to recuperate from his battles. All the while, humanity took in all they had seen - with a slight worry of what would happen if Gamera ever turned his fury on humanity.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • The Legion were mentioned in Gamera 3: Awakening of Iris, as well as been shown in stock footage regarding how when Gamera summoned the Earth's Mana energy to defeat the Legion Queen, it

    Godzilla Zero Hour poster (Legion)

    created the perfect conditions for the Gyaos to return in swarms and evolve into the more powerful 'Hyper Gyaos' as well as lead to the birth of the Gyaos mutation/evolution - the monster known as Iris.
  • Legion was one of the kaiju meant to appear in the fan-made kaiju movie, Godzilla Zero Hour - which would be a crossover between the Godzilla and Gamera franchises. However, the movie was never made. Despite this, images of Legion have appeared on the movie's posters. In the film, another Legion Queen and her swarm would arrive on Earth but would be engaged by the alien monster Gigan - who was trying to stop the Queen at any cost. She would seemingly clash with both Godzilla and Gamera at some point in the film.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Gamera 2: Advent of Legion - Movie

Gamera 3: Awakening of Iris - Mentioned/Stock Footage Only

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