General Information
Homeworld Leera
Habitat Amphibious
Locomotion Swimming
Sapience level Sapient
Racial abilities Psychic abilities
Behind the Scenes
Universe Animorphs

The Leerans are a sapient amphibious species from the planet Leera.


The Leerans are an aquatic race that look like giant yellow frogs. They have four tentacles, analogous to arms. They have large green eyes, large feet-like flippers, and a head that slopes back to a rounded node.

They naturally have advanced psychic abilities, such as divination and telepathy, and can read the minds of other creatures that are within a few yards of themselves.

Like most amphibians, they have the ability to regenerate severed or damaged tissue.

Culture and societyEdit

The planet Leera, from which they originate, is mostly covered with water, with a single continent and several scattered islands. Leera hosts a lot of aquatic and amphibious life. It is said that the oceans of Leera are so clear, like air, in fact, that one can see for miles in any direction.

The Leerans make their homes underwater in huge, lavish cities near the coast. The language of the Leerans is almost entirely monosyllabic words, most containing only two letters. The Leerans use a form of "thought-speak" to communicate. The "listener" can hear/feel what is being said. The Leeran thought-speak, however, is more intimate, being able to sense thoughts and emotions aside from what the other beings are telling them. They worship a god called Cha-Ma-Mib.

City of WormsEdit

The City of Worms is a massive city under the seas of Leera. The City resembles a giant, multi-colored shell with holes, which the Leerans enter through. It gets its name from the large eels that are always swimming around it, like worms. The city was fortified with loads of Leeran beam weapons and became a Command Center for the Andalites and Leerans during the Yeerk occupation of Leera.


Yeerk WarEdit

The psychic powers and adaptability of the Leerans made them a target of the Yeerks, who wanted to make hosts of them and use their abilities to their advantage. Unfortunately for the Yeerks, however, the Leerans' psychic powers made it impossible to invade Leera in secret, like Earth. Instead, the Yeerks intended to genetically modify sharks with larger brains, so Yeeks could infest them and use them as soldiers on Leera. Visser One personally oversaw the project and brought Leeran hosts back to Earth with her.

Later, the Animorphs traveled to Leera and helped the Andalites end the Yeerk occupation.

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